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Financial Coaching the Average Canadian Household (Part 2 of 6)

This is the second post in a series of six that walks through a theoretical exercise of coaching the “Average Canadian Household” to improve their financial situation.  In the first post, we did a deep dive in to the Average Canadian Household’s finances – looking at their income, expenses, and net worth. In my coaching program, […]

Enjoy the Journey through a Balanced Approach

I once read a great post on the site “Wait but Why” that illustrates how finite our lives really are by displaying our lives in years/months/weeks.  Here is the post for your reference: This helped shape my view on how to go about approaching financial independence. First let’s talk about the two extremes: Work […]

Pay Yourself First

This is a very simple concept, and therefore a very short post! Pay yourself (save) first, before you have a chance to spend all of your money.  Although it is simple, most people don’t do it. Prioritizing your savings (before your discretionary expenses) is all it takes to successfully start saving money!   A few notes: […]