Jonathan’s Story

Jonathan had an early start to personal finance.  At the age of 12, he discovered the magic of compound interest.  This was the hook that sparked his interest in personal finance and investing.  Almost 20 years later, Jonathan launched JBFI Inc. to spread his love for personal finance and help others optimize their financial situation to get on the path to financial independence. 

As Jonathan transitioned from being a poor student to aggressively pursuing financial independence over the first ten years of his working career, he believed that he had figured out a better way to approach life.  By focusing on continuing education, earning more, aligning spending with values, and sometimes ignoring “what everybody else does”, Jonathan was able to save more than 70% of his net income and accelerate his path towards financial independence.  As he progressed along his journey, Jonathan found out first hand how it feels to go through the various stages along the way to financial independence.

Jonathan worked in a retail bank branch during University and transitioned to the high networth brokerage division upon graduating.  In 2011, Jonathan made the move from retail to institutional investment management.  Jonathan still works full time for one of Canada’s largest institutional investment managers and specializes in private timberland and agriculture investments.

In addition to running JBFI Inc., Jonathan enjoys spending time with family and friends, and on outdoor activities (cycling, hiking, camping, backpacking, snowboarding, snowshoeing), playing the piano, travelling, and personal finance. Jonathan lives in Edmonton, Alberta and is happily married to his wife Melissa with a newborn son who arrived at the end of 2020.

Education / Credentials

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Alberta (major: Finance & Operations Management)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (2013)
  • Chartered Business Valuator (2017)
  • Canadian Securities Institute courses
    • Canadian Securities Course / Conduct and Practices Handbook
    • Wealth Management Essentials & Investment Manager Supplement
    • Portfolio Management Techniques
    • Derivative & Option Licensing
    • Chartered Investment Manager